Faith organizations are celebrating the lifting of Title 42 after years of misuse to rapidly expel asylum seekers at the southern border. However, there are grave concerns that the policies the Biden administration is implementing in its place will have severe, life-threatening consequences for asylum seekers and migrants. These harmful actions include, through an asylum ban, sending troops to the border, expedited removal, and expansion of detention.

Provided by Interfaith Immigration Coalition, these are five actions you and your faith community can take today:

  1. Make a Statement that Your Faith Community Supports Asylum Seekers
  1. Post Support for Asylum Seekers on Social Media & Share Positive Stories
  1. Tell Your Lawmakers to Welcome Asylum Seekers 
  1. Mobilize a Vigil or Public Witness Event
  • Host an event at your local congressperson’s office, your place of worship, or in another public space to express solidarity with asylum seekers and border groups across the country. Learn more about taking action locally, mobilize your own action by signing up, and find resources for planning your vigil.
  1. Volunteer at a Shelter or Welcome Center or Accompany an Asylum Seeker

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