Act for Immigrants Campaign


At Northern Illinois JFON we believe that as we partner together and take local action there are echoes of global hope that resound in the midst of our broken immigration system.

We all have a role in this. We are grateful to have you as our partner in justice. We are in solidarity together as we audaciously work for justice for our immigrant, refugee, and asylum-seeking neighbors and selves.

At Northern Illinois Justice for Our Neighbors, we provide free legal advice and services to low income immigrants with limited options. With your support, we can continue to serve clients throughout Northern Illinois in three clinic locations. Aurora, Chicago and Rockford. Locations in Buffalo Grove and Crystal Lake are opening soon. Together let us welcome our immigrant neighbors with the gift of opportunity.

We welcome you to partner with Northern Illinois Justice for Our Neighbors to make a difference in the lives of the sojourners in our midst in whatever way that you are moved to partner. Please support our “Act for Immigrants” Campaign.

With your support we can keep families together. Making a donation like the suggested amounts below will help us expand these and other services:

$50 Donation: Advice and Counsel – Unfortunately, for some people, under current immigration laws there is nothing they can do to adjust their immigration status. Yet learning the truth about this from a trusted source like JFON has save hundreds of clients from potentially being victims of fraud. A $50 donation is the average cost to provide one family with an advice and counsel consultation.

$200 DonationDeferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) – This benefit allows young people who were brought here as children to file an application to get a work permit and a “deferment” of any immigration action against them. Typically these cases take 2-10 hours – your $200 donation represents one young person receiving Deferred Action.

$500 DonationFamily Petitions or Citizenship – These applications typically take about 10-15 hours to file. Your $500 donation could help someone become a Lawful Permanent Resident or Citizen of the United States.

$1000 Donation: U Visas – One of JFON’s most common cases is the U Visa case. The U Visa was created by Congress to encourage undocumented victims of serious crimes to come forward to report crimes without the fear of deportation. These cases involve several steps including interaction with local law enforcement and our attorneys spend anywhere from 20-30 hours on each one.

$5,000 Donation: Asylum – Men, women and children flee their country of origin for many reasons, including being persecuted because of their race, religion, political opinion, or gender. JFON attorneys represent such asylum-seekers to ensure that they will not be forced to return to a country where they will surely face persecution, torture or death. These are among the most time-consuming cases to file, usually between 50-60 hours per case.

In addition to donating electronically, you may write a check to:

 NIJFON and send to: NIJFON 77 W. Washington St. Suite 1820, Chicago IL 60602