Protecting Ourselves and Our Community Against COVID-19

As our country now faces a national emergency, it’s important to stay calm and take serious precautionary measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

At NIJFON, we are closely monitoring the situation and our staff is actively implementing steps to protect our clients, our community, and ourselves against COVID-19. While we are not public health experts, NIJFON wants to be a source of information for our community. 

Below please find a list of credible online sources like the CDC and other public health experts.

The CDC’s COVID-19 Website:…

The World Health Organization:…/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019

Protegiéndonos a nosotros mismos y a nuestra comunidad contra COVID-19
Como nuestro país ahora enfrenta una emergencia nacional, es importante mantener la calma y tomar medidas de precaución serias para prevenir la propagación del coronavirus. En NIJFON estamos monitoreando de cerca la situación y nuestro personal está implementando activamente pasos para proteger a nuestros clientes, nuestra comunidad a nosotros mismos contra COVID-19.
Si bien no somos expertos en salud pública, NIJFON quiere ser una fuente de información para nuestra comunidad. A continuación encontrará una lista de fuentes creíbles en línea como los CDC y otros expertos en salud pública.


The World Health Organization:

Census 2020

Your Response Matters!

Health clinics. Fire departments. Schools. Even roads and highways. The census can shape many different aspects of your community. Think of your local schools: Census results help determine how money is allocated for the Head Start program and for grants that support teachers and special education.Census results help determine how billions of dollars in federal funding flow into states and communities each year.

The Census is confidential and will not ask you for your citizenship status.

The results determine how many seats in Congress each state gets.

Remember that there is still time to fill out the census, click here to fill out online!

Please stay tuned for the We All Count in IL: Immigrant and Refugee Census Day June 1, 2020!

El Censo 2020

Su Respuesta Cuenta!

Clínicas de salud. Departamentos de bomberos. Escuelas. Hasta carreteras y autopistas. El Censo puede determinar muchos aspectos de su comunidad. Piense en sus escuelas locales. Los resultados del Censo ayudan a determinar cómo distribuir el dinero para los programas preescolares de Head Start y el apoyo para maestras de educación para estudiantes con discapacitación. Resultados del Censo determinan billones de dólares en fondos federales para los estados y sus comunidades cada año.

El Censo es confidencial y no le hará preguntas relacionadas a su estatus legal en el país ni le hará la pregunta de ciudadanía.

Los resultados también determinarán cuantos miembros del congreso recibirá cada estado.

Recuerde que la fecha límite del Censo fue extendida Llene su formulario en línea y en español hoy, haga clic aquí!

 Por favor manténgase al tanto de la campaña Todos Contamos en IL y el Día del Censo el 1ro de junio, 2020!

NJFON statement on the Executive Order

[The statement below is quoted in full from National Justice for Our Neighbors.]

Dear Friends,

Please see this video and story from The Intercept about Austin JFON legal director Virginia Raymond‘s efforts to help a mother seek asylum and reunite with her five-year-old son. Mother and child had been forcibly separated at the border.

This is one of the first known parent and child reunions since the Trump administration rolled out its “zero tolerance” policy in April.

Delia and her son are two of the lucky ones. “As happy as I am for this family,” says Virginia, “I am heartbroken for the others.”

Read more in The Mother and Child Reunion. Continue reading “NJFON statement on the Executive Order”

Love conquers the border

David and Blanca met the summer they were both 15. His family spent the summer in Mexico in the town where Blanca lived. It was an ideal summer romance, complete with walks on the beach and horseback riding in the mountains. They stayed in touch for a short while, but life took them in other directions.

Blanca married and had two children, living an upper-middle-class life in Mexico. Meanwhile David joined the US Army. He served with distinction, including tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, retiring due to medical issues in 2007. David laughs when he talks about the aimless years after the Army, when he lived wherever he could find the best surfing. His drifting led him to Mexico, where friends re-introduced him to Blanca, now divorced with two children. Their teenage summer romance rekindled!

After David moved to Dallas he and Blanca continued their now-long-distance romance for three years. On Valentine’s Day 2016 David surprised Blanca by proposing. JFON became a part of this love story when David asked for help petitioning for his new wife and step-children to receive their green cards. After large amounts of paperwork, it is a pleasure to report that David and Blanca will be going to the United States Customs and Immigration Service for their interview any day now. They will have no trouble proving the validity of their marriage, with a courtship that began so long ago. Happy Valentine’s Day!