Northern Illinois Justice for Our Neighbors (NIJFON) is a faith-driven ministry, welcoming immigrants into our churches and communities by providing free, high-quality immigration legal services, education and advocacy.

Clinic Day Volunteer Opportunities

Do you have good people skills and an interest in meeting people from foreign lands? Can you provide a warm welcome while at the same time collecting very personal and confidential information?

Freq of service: 1 time per month/10 months per year
Length of time: 3 hours
Days of Service: Saturday mornings in Aurora and Chicago, or Sunday afternoons in Rockford.

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Fundraising Support Opportunity

Do you like to work behind the scenes to help maintain and grow project funding? Do you have technical writing skills to assist in grant applications of donor recruitment/management experience to build our support base?

Freq of service: 4-5 times per year
Length of time: 8 hours
Days of Service: Flexible; can work from home

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Advocacy Support Opportunity

Do you have a passion to educate and advocate in support of the immigrant – the second and equally important half of the JFON ministry? Can you help organize outreach events at local churches, university campuses and community organizations?

Freq of service: 3-4 times per year
Length of time: 4 hours
Days of Service: Flexible

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How Else Can I Help?

  • Support JFON with a financial or in-kind gift
  • Invite us to give a presentation at your religious or civic organization
  • Reach out to a neighbor in need – share this resource
  • Encourage your employer or group to make a “matching gift”
  • Study immigration issues and be an advocate for justice