Planting Seeds of Justice and Harvesting Hope with the Berry Memorial UMC Matching Campaign

NIJFON has been blessed with a $25,000 gift from Berry Memorial UMC in Chicago.  This gift was given upon the sale of the historic home of Berry Memorial UMC. As Berry Memorial UMC seeks to plant the seeds of a new church home in Chicago, they also chose to plant seeds for justice through supporting the mission & vision of Northern Illinois JFON.   

We at NIJFON would like to challenge the 350+ UM congregations here in Northern Illinois JFON to support our shared work for God’s justice, through giving to NIJFON. We are setting a goal for all 350+ congregations to raise $25,000 to match the faithful donation that Berry Memorial UMC gave.  We are hoping & trusting that all together our UM congregations can support our vital mission to offer free, high quality immigration legal services to our immigrant, refugee and asylum seeking neighbors and selves.   

We understand that this has been a difficult year economically for many of our churches, and families, and invite each congregation to prayerfully give at the level they are able.   The work of JFON is more important than ever as there continues to be extreme challenges and difficulties in navigating the immigration process here in the United States.  Our JFON legal team has not stopped working for our mission, and our full JFON network continues to be engaged in education & advocacy during this critical time for the immigrants’ rights movement that Jesus is leading us to.   

Every dollar given to JFON is like a seed of justice that is planted.  We see those seeds of justice harvested when a family is reunited after so many years apart.  We see those seeds of justice flourish when an LGBTQIA asylum seeker is able to live their full life as their full self.   We see those seeds of justice blossom when a mother receiving a UVisa is able to move from the shadows of fear to shining her light brightly for herself & children.    

We know that the $25,000 given by Berry Memorial UMC are each seeds of justice that bloom in ways that we can see and take root in ways we cannot see as we continue our mission at NIJFON.  We invite you as a fellow Christian in the United Methodist tradition to help us plant even more seeds of justice as work for God’s ever coming kin-dom of liberation & justice.    

As a part of planting these seeds of justice, we will be offering liturgy & sermon helps for the 4 Sundays of Advent to celebrate the mission of JFON and encourage your congregation to give!  It will be published next week, and we invite you know to prayerfully consider which upcoming Sunday you can lift up the mission of JFON & continue to partner with us to plant seeds of justice and harvest hope in God’s movement for immigrants’ rights.

Are you ready for the challenge? Together we can raise $25,000 to match Berry Memorial’s $25,000.  Together we can continue to plant & harvest seeds of justice.

Please click here to see the video with the warm invitation from the Bishop to join in on this challenge!

In solidarity,

Claudia Marchan                                                  Harry Nicol,

Executive Director, NIJFON                                 Board Chair, NIJFON